Ecosystem & Products

The Propchain Ecosystem consists of multiple elements, all contributing to the overarching vision of Propchain: to digitize the entire real estate value chain. Achieving this vision requires a range of verticals and partnerships with leading stakeholders to capture a significant share of the trillion-dollar real estate market.

To digitize the real estate value chain, we've focused on different 'pillars': Ownership, Investment, Finance, and Management & Trade. These pillars clearly segment the value chain, and Propchain leverages them to form strategic partnerships, invest in ventures, or build its own products. This approach creates an ecosystem that seamlessly delivers next-generation real estate experiences and enhances bottom-line results.

Our ecosystem currently comprises three main ventures and its foundation, governed by the Propchain DAO. These ventures address ownership, investment, and management in their initial stages, all incubated and built by the Propchain team.

Word-Class real estate at your fingertips. A revolutionary platform that utilises Tokenization and creates a seamless digital real estate experience for small & large scale investors.

Driving the digitization of the real estate value chain. A hybrid technology stack, delivering robust and immutable solutions for real estate management, finance, and trade to enhance bottom-line results.

Fueling proptech innovators with a diverse range of support. A disruptive incubation program providing proptech innovators with financial, human, and informational resources.

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