Fee Structure

Prop.com's business model revolves around providing exceptional services to its users while charging fees for access. This straightforward approach allows Prop.com to generate revenue and maintain financial stability. Prop.com prioritizes transparency and responsiveness to meet its customers' changing needs.

Fee Models:

Investor Account Fees:

  1. Entre Fee: This fee is calculated based on the 'Raise Amount,' meaning it's added to the property value. It won't be billed during checkout to provide users with a fee-free perception.

  2. Yearly Admin Fee: This fee is assessed monthly and is calculated based on the total Assets Under Management (AUM) of each user. It helps cover operational and administrative costs, ensuring the smooth management of user assets.

  3. Exit Fee: This fee is charged when properties are sold or exited outside of our platform. It's calculated as a percentage of the total property value at the time of sale, safeguarding against potential depreciation.

  4. Exit Window Fee: This fee is applied when users exit their assets before the official exit event on our platform. It's calculated as of the sales price listed when users decide to exit, offering flexibility and generating revenue for Prop.com.

Business Account Fees:

  1. Arrangement Fee: Real estate owners/developers listing their assets/opportunities on our platform pay this nonrefundable fee, compensating Prop.com for the effort and risk involved in preparing the listing and presenting it to our investor database.

  2. Success Fee: This fee is charged when the listing is successfully filled and represents a comparable broker fee that sellers no longer have to pay, as they can sell directly on our platform.

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