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Below you find the most commonly asked questions related to the Propchain Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@propchain.com in case any further information is needed!

What is Propchain Cloud?

Propchain Cloud is Propchain's flagship B2B tech stack, focused on digitizing the entire value chain within the real estate industry, primarily targeting the commercial sector. Propchain's board, its extensive background, and active operations in large-scale capital placement and the development of commercial and residential real estate assets position it uniquely to address market inefficiencies. With a collective record of over $1B in capital placed and real estate developed, Propchain's board has experienced the pros, cons, and inefficiencies within the marketplace.

To illustrate the concept of Propchain Cloud, consider the traditional due diligence process in real estate deals. Currently, due diligence costs range from $100,000 to $500,000 per transaction and can take several months to complete. These high costs and long timelines are driven by the fragmented nature of data, which exists in silos controlled by various entities, including governments, accountants, construction companies, and management firms. Propchain Cloud aims to revolutionize this process by creating digital twins of buildings, verifying and connecting all relevant data, and integrating AI and decentralized infrastructure protocols (DePIN). This will enable full due diligence to be performed in under five minutes and at a fraction of the current costs.

Propchain Cloud's mission is ambitious, but significant progress has already been made. This includes developing ownership oracles based on local government data, closing a nine-figure development project for the first pilot, and establishing an executive team and advisory board with a multi-billion dollar track record. Additionally, several partnerships with prime industry leaders in the commercial real estate space are lined up and will be announced soon. As expected, $PROPC will be the native underlying mechanism for the subscription model.

The potential of this market is immense, and while further details cannot be disclosed at this time, Propchain is excited to share more about this product vertical shortly. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

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