Corporate Structure, steered by PC Holding UAB, emerges as a progressive real estate investment platform that harnesses state-of-the-art technologies to offer securitized debt notes underpinned by real-world assets - real estate.

PC Holding UAB, holding the status of a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), stands as the parent entity of It retains the intellectual property rights of the platform and is the recognized entity engaged with all service providers involved.

The Securitization Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), also called โ€˜The Issuerโ€™, is operating as a subsidiary of PC Holding UAB, and takes on the responsibility of issuing the underlying notes.

The SPV establishes compartments to segregate assets, thereby providing a safety net for investors in the case of a default. Although not an entity in itself, a compartment is a legally acknowledged administrative setup within the Securitization SPV to segregate one asset from the others.

The Real Estate Holding Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) holds the title deed of the underlying asset that is being securitized.

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