FAQ - Propchain Foundation

Below you find the most commonly asked questions related to the Propchain Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@propchain.com in case any further information is needed!

What is the Propchain foundation?

The Propchain Foundation is a Panama-based foundation with no beneficial owners, committed to reshaping the real estate industry through the widespread adoption of (blockchain) technology, facilitating improved market dynamics, transparency, and long-term sustainability.

What are the activities of the Propchain foundation?

The key activities include:

  • Treasury Management

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Contract Deployment

  • Intellectual Property Management

  • Incubation & Support

  • Hosting Management

  • Community Incentives

By who is the Propchain foundation managed?

The Propchain foundation is managed by the Propchain DAO; you can learn more about the DAO through the following link: Propchain DAO

What are the components of the Propchain foundation?

The Propchain Foundation consists of 2 main components:

  1. Governance - The Governance Component is responsible for managing decentralized decision-making & controlling of the ecosystem:

    1. Propchain Foundation

    2. Propchain DAO

  1. Utility - The Utility Component aims to be responsible for generating utility & innovation for a thriving and prosperous ecosystem powered by PROPC - Utility Token

What is the Propchain DAO?

The Propchain DAO drives the governance behind the Propchain Foundation and utilizes a token-based voting system to involve its community in crucial decision-making processes. This governance model ensures that every decision reflects the collective will of the Propchain DAO community, promoting a transparent and inclusive approach to ecosystem development. More details are available here: Propchain DAO

What is $PROPC?

$PROPC is the native utility token of the Propchain ecosystem. It serves several vital functions, including fees, loyalty, and governance. It is the backbone of the entire ecosystem, with all business models and operations running on the basis of $PROPC.

For an in-depth coverage of $PROPC and its functionalities, please visit the following link: PROPC - Utility Token

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