Market Position is committed to re-establishing real estate investment as an avenue for legacy building and wealth accumulation for investors of all classes. By empowering investors with tools to democratize real estate, has already achieved significant milestones on its journey. The success of our first MVP has garnered a waitlist of 18,000 individuals, and our content has generated more than 50 million impressions across different channels.

A key component that has and will continue to play a role in shaping the investment platform is the adoption of a robust technological stack. By integrating blockchain technology and real-world asset tokenization, not only serves all the advantages of a crowdfunding solution but also facilitates automated management, transparency, and auditable results.

Moreover, the division of a single real estate asset into multiple shares allows individuals to invest in real estate without having to buy the entire property. This approach directly lowers the entry barrier, empowering the average investor to own a piece of premium real estate. It directly opens the pathway for liquidity and diversification in real estate by allowing investors to sell their shares more quickly and easily.’s USP

Through its unique approach and proven track record, the unique features of are:

An all-encompassing ecosystem

By being a part of an ecosystem, leverages the various horizontal and vertical cornerstones of the Propchain ecosystem to enable value creation across the entire spectrum of its offerings.

Automated and transparent

The issuance and sale of real-world assets in tokenized form is governed and automated using two specialized smart contracts with pre-defined conditions. This level of automation not only ensures cost efficiency but also minimizes the risks of human error.

Community-centric platform

By integrating a digital board in the Propchain ecosystem, fosters an environment driven by the community, valuing their feedback to enhance the platform and its features. Additionally, the platform also empowers its users’ suggestions on the composition of real estate portfolio by enabling them to contribute insights regarding the integration of specific types of real estate assets into the platform.

Diversification allows investors to spread their assets across a broad spectrum. The diversification of assets across different sectors in the thriving real estate market of Dubai, including commercial, residential, and industrial arenas. This enables investors to enhance their returns through a diversified portfolio.

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