Key Features

For Investors

The key components of ensure that a realm of opportunities opens up for clients. The comprehensive structure, aimed to increase transparency, accountability, and security, ensures a conducive environment for clients to securely manage, grow, and diversify their investments.


  • Low entry barrier at 250 EUR

  • Various Dubai real estate strategies for max diversification

  • Liquidity windows for early exits and/or entries

  • Secured by compliant EU structure

  • Audited by leading third party institutions

Self-Custody & Banking:

  • Personal IBANs with SEPA Instant

  • Self-custody of RWAs and crypto-assets

  • Key recovery mechanism

  • Fully biometric

  • MPC technology

Automation & Transparency:

  • Yearly valuations by an independent third party

  • On-chain escrow

  • Asset-backed tokenization

  • Fiat & crypto investments

  • Automated income distributions

For Businesses’s integrations equip businesses with an innovative avenue for real-estate investment while ensuring that it meets legal and regulatory compliance. The framework enables businesses to leverage’s tokenization pillar and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Transaction monitoring (fiat & crypto)

  • Advisory and compliant legal structure for retail investor offerings in EEA

  • Retail & accredited status and KYC/AML filing

  • Library of jurisdictional offering rules

  • Multi-Roles for compliance, auditor, admin, owners

Token Factory & Issuance:

  • Security token issuance factory

  • Escrow system for transparent offering

  • Custom token parameters

  • Upgradable tokens for re-evaluations

  • Mint & burn function

  • Permissioned tokens

Liquidity & Investor Management:

  • Alternative methods for project financing

  • Access to investor database

  • Automated income distribution

  • Invester overview

  • Financial reporting

  • Buy-Back options

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