FAQ - Propchain Ventures

Below you find the most commonly asked questions related to Propchain Ventures, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@propchain.com in case any further information is needed!

What is Propchain Ventures?

Propchain Ventures will be a crucial cornerstone for realizing Propchain's vision of digitizing the entire value chain of real estate. Recognizing that this ambitious goal cannot be achieved alone, Propchain Ventures will actively acquire and invest in high-potential proptech and web3 startups that share the same vision. Collaboration is vital to this strategy.

Propchain Ventures will deploy over $25M in its first round of investments in partnership with the existing venture capital firm Welfare Ventures. This initiative aims to strengthen the usage and offerings within the Propchain ecosystem, thereby increasing the underlying native usage of the $PROPC token.

Propchain Ventures is dedicated to fostering innovation and driving the digital transformation of the real estate industry through strategic investments and partnerships. Stay tuned for more updates on our investment activities and the exciting startups we will support.

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